About CoLabs

About CoLabs

CoLabs is a new model for research collaborations and core labs for the UCSF community. CoLabs brings together several established and successful but previously separate cores into a new centralized research organization at the Parnassus campus. CoLabs is a campus resource based in the UCSF Office of Research. CoLabs was established with critical logistical and financial support from the Bakar ImmunoX Initiative and the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost.


CoLabs Principles

  • Bring together expert CoLabs teams with specialized instrumentation for processing of human samples, flow cytometry, microscopy, genomics, and data analysis into a single facility to promote multidisciplinary research.  
  • Allow UCSF investigators to take maximum advantage of the new model by basing multidisciplinary CoProjects in CoLabs and physically embedding students and trainees who are leading these projects in CoLabs.
  • Promote data sharing by developing standardized open protocols and supporting a robust data library.
  • Inspire innovation by supporting CoLab teams developing new approaches for asking and answering fundamental biological questions.

CoLabs Goals

  • Promote renewal and rejuvenation by being a highly visible model for developing bold initiatives at Parnassus Heights.
  • Complement strengths at Parnassus and beyond by partnering with UCSF's vibrant clinical enterprise and exploring the biological basis of disease in transformative new ways.
  • Create a highly collaborative and inclusive central research platform to enhance a sense of community among researchers by moving beyond the traditional "core" model and facilitating the communization of resources, expertise, and data.
  • Recruit and retain outstanding scientists who are engaged and nimble in recognizing emerging opportunities, and who can promote the sharing of ideas and tools developed in individual labs.
  • Use the CoProject model for embedded researchers and other approaches to contribute to UCSF's education and training missions.

CoLabs Timeline

UCSF Chancellor Sam Hawgood announces a new Central Research Laboratory initiative as one of the initial steps toward rejuvenation of the Parnassus campus.

Central Research Labs task force develops the CoLabs vision with broad input from the research community.
April Parnassus Master Plan Steering Committee endorses CoLabs plan.
Summer-Fall Initial phase of CoLabs planning.

Eighth floor of the Medical Sciences Building (MSB-8) selected as the initial home of CoLabs.
April-December Recruitment of CoLabs leadership group, preparations for MSB-8 renovations, and ImmunoX funding of initial set of CoProjects.

Complete consolidation of most CoLabs operations on MSB-8.

Enlarging CoProject portfolio.
Development of new technologies, tools, and protocols by existing CoLabs teams and potential addition of new CoLabs teams.
Planning, design, and construction of a larger new home for CoLabs as a part of the comprehensive Parnassus Heights plan.