Genomics CoLabs


About the Genomics CoLab

The Genomics CoLab specializes in the development and adoption of cutting-edge genomic approaches for collaborative and service-based research projects. These approaches include bulk- and single-cell RNA-seq, single cell multiomic approaches, small RNA-Seq, ChIP/ATAC-seq and whole exome/genome sequencing. We are also actively working on integrating novel genomic methods, such as combinatorial genomic methods, special transcriptomics, and new epigenomic approaches and on improving existing methods, such as increasing throughput and decreasing costs of bulk RNA-seq methods. 

Learn about CoProjects, Incubators, and Plug-in Labs

CoProjects are a series of shared projects designed to integrate our community through common pipelines and data curation. CoLabs CoProjects aim to build immune profiles for untapped streams of human diseases at UCSF.