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UCSF CoLabs Initiative

Biological Imaging Development Overview

The Biological Imaging Development CoLab is an interdisciplinary center configured to assemble, test, and apply emerging light microscopy techniques and technologies. It is designed to serve two roles: a conduit for new optical imaging technology and as a site for technology development. The center also seeks to provide centralized space, personnel, and technical tools toward advancing optical imaging in the biological sciences.

Data Science CoLab Overview

The Data Science CoLab is a collaboration-based research lab with a focus on systems immunology and computational methods development. Our research centers on understanding patient immune state using single-cell methods, primarily CyTOF and single-cell sequencing, in a variety of contexts including infection, cancer, and at steady-state. We also study the interactions between the immune system and the microbiome at the systems level. We facilitate close collaborations between experimental and computational biologists and provide tools and training for biologists who want to better engage with their data.

Disease to Biology Overview

D2B CoLab is a collaboration-based research lab that focuses on profiling the immune system in a various set of diseases such as cancer, viral infection, autoimmune diseases and neurodegeneration. We use cutting edge technologies such as multi-parametric flow and mass cytometry, and bulk and single-cell RNA-seq to define the state of the immune system in both patients and healthy individuals. Our focus is to better understand the immunological context of different diseases in order to expand and improve immunotherapies.

Flow Cytometry CoLab Overview

The Flow CoLab is a technological center in the field of flow and mass cytometry that assembles a team of expert scientists facilitating the advancement of research by providing access to state-of-the-art instrumentation, empowering its users through training in the best practices and expert support to the UCSF’s research community and all CoLabs partners.

Genomics Overview

The Genomics CoLab specializes in the development and adoption of cutting-edge genomic approaches for collaborative and service-based research projects. These approaches include bulk- and single-cell RNA-seq, single cell multiomic approaches, small RNA-Seq, ChIP/ATAC-seq and whole exome/genome sequencing. We are also actively working on integrating novel genomic methods, such as combinatorial genomic methods, special transcriptomics, and new epigenomic approaches and on improving existing methods, such as increasing throughput and decreasing costs of bulk RNA-seq methods.