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About the Data Science CoLab

The Data Science CoLab is a collaboration-based research lab with a focus on systems immunology and computational methods development. Our research centers on understanding patient immune state using single-cell methods, primarily CyTOF and single-cell sequencing, in a variety of contexts including infection, cancer, and at steady-state. We also study the interactions between the immune system and the microbiome at the systems level. We facilitate close collaborations between experimental and computational biologists and provide tools and training for biologists who want to better engage with their data.

Recent Publications

Authors: Combes Alexis J., Samad Bushra, Tsui Jessica, Chew Nayvin W., Yan Peter, Reeder Gabriella C., Kushnoor Divyashree, Shen Alan, Davidson Brittany, Barczak Andrea J., Adkisson Michael, Edwards Austin, Naser Mohammad, Barry Kevin C., Courau Tristan, Hammoudi Taymour, Argüello Rafael J., Rao Arjun Arkal, Olshen Adam B., Cai Cathy, Zhan Jenny, Davis Katelyn C., Kelley Robin K., Chapman Jocelyn S., Atreya Chloe E., Patel Amar, Daud Adil I., Ha Patrick, Diaz Aaron A., Kratz Johannes R., Collisson Eric A., Fragiadakis Gabriela K., Erle David J., Boissonnas Alexandre, Asthana Saurabh, Chan Vincent, Krummel Matthew F., Spitzer Matthew, Fong Lawrence, Nelson Amanda, Kumar Raj, Lee Justin, Burra Arun, Hsu Joy, Hackett Caroline, Tolentino Karen, Sjarif Jasmine, Johnson Peter, Shao Evans, Abrau Darrell, Lupin Leonard, Shaw Cole, Collins Zachary, Lea Tasha, Corvera Carlos, Nakakura Eric, Carnevale Julia, Alvarado Michael, Loo Kimberley, Chen Lawrence, Chow Melissa, Grandis Jennifer, Ryan Will, El-Sayed Ivan, Jablons David, Woodard Gavitt, Meng Maxwell W., Porten Sima P., Okada Hideho, Tempero Margaret, Ko Andrew, Kirkwood Kim, Vandenberg Scott, Guevarra Denise, Oropeza Erica, Cyr Chris, Glenn Pat, Bolen Jennifer, Morton Amanda, Eckalbar Walter
January 2022

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CoProjects are a series of shared projects designed to integrate our community through common pipelines and data curation. CoLabs CoProjects aim to build immune profiles for untapped streams of human diseases at UCSF.