Collaborate With Us

There are many ways to work with CoLabs.


CoProjects are full collaborations between investigators based in CoLabs and collaborators not based in CoLabs. Both collaborators and CoLabs investigators are involved in all stages of CoProjects, including grant preparation, experimental design, performance of experiments, data analysis, publication, and data sharing. For most CoProjects, most or all experimental work is performed in CoLabs by some combination of CoLabs investigators and collaborators. Where appropriate and feasible, collaborators may be embedded in CoLabs where they will have access to experts and facilities needed for the work. ImmunoX was the initial funder of full and pilot CoProjects, and the CoProject model has now been extended to support work funded by NIH and other agencies. Information about how to plan a CoProject is available here.

For projects that do not fit with the CoProject model, we offer other models for access to expertise, training, equipment, and protocols. These models vary between CoLab groups but may include recharge and subscription systems as well as other types of agreements. Please contact individual CoLabs Teams, Incubators, or Plug-ins directly for further information.


Learn about CoProjects, Incubators, and Plug-in Labs

CoProjects are a series of shared projects designed to integrate our community through common pipelines and data curation. CoLabs CoProjects aim to build immune profiles for untapped streams of human diseases at UCSF.